Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Return of Me in 2010

Wow. Its been about a month since my original post and so many things have happened. I can already see the changes happening in my life and it is an adventure I look forward to each day.

First, the motivation was found. I finally became proactive in the job search and it paid off (literally). I interviewed with American Medical Technologies on a Thursday morning and had a job with them by the afternoon which began on a Monday. Tomorrow will complete two weeks of my new job and I am enjoying it thus far. I'm still learning a lot, but I think it is something I can do and do well.

Second, I finally made it back to church. In the last couple weeks the Lord has taught me a lot. He has put someone in my life that challenges me to be better. I am blessed to have a new friend who knows my faults and loves me in spite of them. It is encouraging to hear and see what the Lord does in her life as it blesses my life immensely. I haven't been in a position to be an example to the youth in a long time, but I am finally getting there again. God used my basketball girls to show me this. He used them to teach me even more patience because if you know them, you know it is needed in huge amounts. He used them to show me a lot and because of that I will always love my girls. They have had a huge impact on me that I didn't know was possible from a bunch of high school kids. I am excited to watch them grow into beautiful women of Christ and I hope and pray that I will be able to coach again next year.

Third, well, there really isn't a third for this post, but I think there is a rule about having no less than 3 points, but what do I know?

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